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Birmingham, West Midlands, UK


Hardcore / Hard Techno House Techno

Phutek is a very well respected, time served Dj/Producer in the Techno world and is also the Director of the very new and exciting Techno record label Layer 909

From the heart of the United Kingdom, Phutek boasts a musical career which leads back to the very start.

For him personally it started as a light controller at the age of 14 for the legendary AMNESIA HOUSE @ The Eclipse nightclub, in his home town Coventry back in late 80's early 90's.

He watched greats like Carl Cox , Sasha and Grooverider (to name just a few), start painting the very first pictures of dance music from only a foot away. His own personal mission was born straight away! 'The desire to control a dance floor'

Phutek has moved and changed through the times of ever changing sounds and genres. And is valued as one of the most versatile Dj/Producers around at the moment.

Proof of his versatile genetics gained him residencies with many main stream brands over 20 years; brands including Trade's(Suck and Swallow Tour) Cream and Hed Kandi. This is a Dj and producer that is vetted to turn his hand at anything.

Phutek did his his musical maturing and musical growth in the stable of good friend and massive influence, The Late Great Tony De Vit. This is evident in his music productions and Dj sets, always providing 100% energy and drive.

In 2011 Phutek totally fell in love 100% with Techno and decided to go full time working on his music production, and also became A+ R for Element Recordings Techno Section, this quickly became a base camp for him to release his new Techno productions and in the first 2 years gained 13 Number 1's and 12 Top 50 positions across the most reputable download sites Worldwide.

2014 was a year when Phutek's productions went up to another level and after sharing more of his time networking in clubs, he eventually gained the attention of one of his biggest influences in music Techno King Carl Cox.

After being totally influenced all his life by the likes of Carl Cox, Tony De Vit and Depeche Mode, to get Carl's approval and full support was the pinnacle of Phutek's career.

The first track 'They will use your mind' Phutek passed to Carl in the summer, Carl went on to chart as one of his Top 10 Tracks to burn the Nevada Desert at The Burning Man, a festival which most consider to be the biggest in the World!

Since then Carl Cox has supported almost anything Phutek has sent him, seeing his tracks regularly appearing on his very popular Global Radio show.

And more recently Carl played 2 of Phutek's most recent productions side by side at the massive Awakenings NYE event, Amsterdam 2014. This is where you will see his own sound develop and showcase some of his favourite Techno producers from around the world. All working on the same onion skin; Dark Driving Techno.

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